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nceca clayart mugs

updated mon 18 mar 02


Rebecca Knight on fri 12 mar 99

I can't go to NCECA but I would really like to see the mugs. Is/could
someone take photos and post them on a web site? I'm sure all of us who
can't make it to see the mugs would appreciate this. Thanks.

Masato Kuboki on fri 19 mar 99

Hello Rebecca and all,
I'm coming from Japan to participate in NCECA '99.

I put some snapshots on my WEB pages. Please check them and enjoy.

Masato Kuboki

Dave Finkelnburg on sun 17 mar 02

Hi all,
Just a note to add to David Hendley's comment on the high and rising
quality of ClayArt mugs at the Kansas City exchange.
I was thoroughly astounded and totally pleased at the variety of the
mugs displayed. For the number of mugs (about 90% of the exchange items
were mugs with handles) it would have been very difficult to mistake any mug
for someone else's. That tells me that despite close association and the
opportunity to study others' work, there's a lot of independent, creative
mug-making going on. That impressed me the most. You're all originals!
Dave Finkelnburg, reading ClayArt posts in Idaho