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rd: mark-retail coop/partnership studio

updated tue 16 mar 99


R Wearley on mon 15 mar 99

A Gallery in Great Falls, MT, (Gallery 16) is the oldest
running all womans' coop in the US, I believe. You might
consider patterning your desired coop after theirs. There
is no studio production at the gallery. Each memeber con-
signs their work to the gallery-there are a very wide variety
of artists involved(potters, painters, weavers mainly)and
they accept outside consigners by jury selection. Each member
must 'sit' a prescribed number of days per month (or arrange
for a substitute). It is a true 'Coop' in that each of the
founding members purchased shares in the buisness. A very
buisness-like atmoshere is one of the keys to their success
I am sure. Each of the member ladies is very dedicated to
the continued success of 'their Gallery'.

Good luck,
Reg Wearley
Val Knight Studio
Big Arm, MT

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