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another chipped platter question

updated fri 19 mar 99


Mary Jane Omand on thu 18 mar 99

I also have a chipped platter question. A friend brought me a platter to
look at. It is from Portugal, she brought it with her to Canada. It looks
very old and has a mostly blue, very delicate pattern. I assumed that it
would be earthenware. She asked if there was anything that I could suggest
to fill in the chipped areas on the rim with colour. I wouldn't even
consider putting it into a kiln. My instinct is to leave it alone and to
suggest that she look for someone who specializes in restoration. What do
you think? I am really enjoying clayart it is a wealth of information.

Jane Omand, in Belle Ewart, on Lake Simcoe, just south of Barrie Ontario
where it is 11C (Not sure in F) and spring is in the air, yahoo! (At least
for today)