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more on wood-powder clay

updated fri 19 mar 99 on thu 18 mar 99

I got a bunch of questions about this so will try and clarify for everybody
at once. As with paperclay, the woodpowder is just supplying burnable
cellulose. Just in different form. No worse fumes, I would think it is
substantially less toxic because there is none of the chemicals that are
used in manufacturing the paper. I can't imagine why it would have more
smoke or stink or damage to elements than any other paperclay.

I would also observe that the woodpowder clay offers a solution where the
fibrous nature of paperclay is a burden, particulary the instance being
presently discussed where the sculptor wishes to build solid and then carve
out from the inside. This would be a very daunting task with the fibrous
paperclay and not an issue with the woodpowder clay. I found one of the
real issues with fibrous clay was that cutting the tiles was a real drag.

Since my lowbisc has all sorts of wax and underglaze stuff in it already
the fumes from the clay burnout is just one more reason for the gentle
fire-up and exhaust stuff already in place, so this is not a special
problem for me.

As for the maturation of the body, it is whatever the clay you used for
making the paperclay is. That doesn't change. You are using the slop from
your clay processes so it is still your own clay, just more porous.

And to recap the formula, it is by volume, 3 parts of pudding-consistency
slops (already homogenized) to 2 parts dry wood powder, mixed in in three
or four segments kinda like adding the flour to a cake batter.

So find a grinding machine that needs emptying and make up a small batch
and give it a try!


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