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nceca - short visit, long message :-)

updated sun 21 mar 99


the cat lady on sat 20 mar 99

Ahh (happy sigh), can you imagine the warmth of walking into a room
filled with faces you've never seen before, walking up to people and
saying "hi, I'm the cat lady" and hearing "SAM!!" and being hugged? I'm
still wrapped in that feeling and wish to convey it to you all.

My hubby and I left thursday early a.m. and arrived at NCECA around 3
p.m. We went directly to the sales area and spent 2 hours and about
$150 USF (OUCH!) on books, t-shirts and *new toys* :-)))) Potter's Pad,
glaze pencils, horn rib, Tom Coleman's glaze book, "A potter is"
t-shirts... Of course, got a t-shirt done by Pauldo himself AND his
"full frontal nudity" poster GO PAUL! Kibbitzed with Tom Coleman; saw
Steve Jepson - I could go on and on! Conspicuous by their absence were
Dolan and Bison tools :-((( Also, none of the "magic" sponges
(dern!!). Geil was giving away t-shirts (love mine!), pens, key chains
- fabulous! It's their 25th anniversary and they are celebrating!!
Aftosa didn't even have wax to sell. Compared to Vegas, very few
samples/giveaways IMO. Too bad, because I grew to love some of those
products and buy/use them still today. Small sales area, with a hole
or 2 here and there. I'm comparing to Vegas, the only other NCECA I've

Then up to the Clayart room. Warm hugs were the order of the day.
Alice and Feriz threw *_THE_* most amazing reception. I still drool
just thinking about it - veggies, dip, bread with (sigh) _good_, nay
GREAT olive oil, marvelous cheeses; and the piece de la resistance -
fresh fruit with (oh god) warm chocolate (swoon). Alice and Feriz are
as nice as can be - answered all my questions about ITC - which reminds
me - TONY, contact me!! I want 100 and 213.

Met the following in no particular order. Vince P - who, despite strong
penmanship (keyboardmanship??) is a sweet, cuddly teddy bear. Sorry to
give away your secret, Vince ;-) Almost as tall as my husband, and just
as huggable. mel-san IN A SUIT???? He made some comment about being
tired of clay running down his crotch ;-) Big hugs and good feelings -
wonderful man; and not only for creating the clayart room where we all
can meet. I teased Dannon for eating her fruit _naked_ . Dannon,
really, a female NOT eating chocolate??? For shame Tom Buck -
who I greatly respected prior to meeting;, and now adore. I wanted to
tuck him in my coat and take him home, but he left, saying he and a
young lady were going off somewhere....Good for you, Tom! Canada's own
RR was there - and I noticed martinis with olives floating around.
Bonnie Hellman and I hit it off right away (girl, write me!); Jean
Lehman and I talked for a bit (wonderful smile on Jean - damn, forgot my
camera arrrggghhh!) and we're re-newing the world's smallest glaze
exchange - ^10 oxidation Louis Katz met my husband (hope your voice
is better now, Louis) and after I left, found out from hubby that Russel
Fouts was sitting on the floor in the room, and I never saw him!!!
Screech!! Russel, please forgive. Teased Doug Gray about his lack of
posts. Introduced myself to Kurt Wild who looked at me blankly (it's
me, the cat lady!?!), talked with Bacia for a while about Peggy - she
got together a card for Peggy - what a sweetheart. Peggy, if love could
be conveyed in a card, we are sending it to you. Be well! Met Liz W
who is more Canadian than we Canadians (nudge nudge) and beautiful to
boot. Linda B and I swooned over the chocolate (send me you e-mail,
have a missive on chocolate you will love). Oh gosh, who else? Saw Jan
Walker go by, but couldn't get over to her...said "hi" to the "keepers
of the gate" Joe and Richard (who I appreciate more than words can
convery)...and Mishy! The perennial teenager. I swear she has a
"Dorian Gray" picture at home 'cause to me that girl looks 17!! Not
fair to the rest of us, Mishy! Jane is doing the mug lottery for me,
and will contact me when she gets back to Sarnia. Caught my hubby sweet
talking 2 girls from Chicago - he invited them up to our home this
summer (grin) for a firing (hehehe)....if I missed your name, PLEASE
write a note to the list and blast me :-)

We were in the room from about 5 to 7 or so, when things started to thin
out. Got into the car, and were home just after 1 a.m. Won't be going
to CO next year, but as Alice says, NC is not too far to drive, so I'll
pop in 2001.

I'd like to publicly thank everyone that made the clayart room and it's
festivities possible - without that room, NCECA (to me) lacks a whole

take care - warm and gentle hugs all around.

love sam
alias the cat lady
Melbourne, Ontario

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.
Cats have never forgotten this."