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sam's nceca/grabbers/soul mates

updated mon 22 mar 99


Joyce Lee on sun 21 mar 99

Thanks, Sam, for the cat's eye view of NCECA. The big plus is that now
we all know YOU even better than we did... since, as is often the case,
the message says as much about the messenger as it does about the
subject. What a delight you are!

Grabbers - glued to a bat the cabinet liner stuff that Dannon described
and added circles, plus dots where the holes for bat pins are located.
Works great as a "grabber" for trimming. Also, cut out an unglued one
to stick in my bag for workshops... where I'm usually the only dork who
works very awkwardly with the "clay keys" for positioning a pot as I
trim (since I normally use a Giffin Grip). The GG works fine, too, but
pressure tended to alter my fish bowls' fins in spots I didn't want
altered. In the meantime, #1 Support Person slipped and ordered a
"grabber" from Axner. Too expensive for my ol' wallet, but apparently
not for his. Talking about a wealth of trimming tools. Too bad that
doesn't automatically qualify me as a world-class trimmer...

SoulMates - Don't usually thank those who say that I'm "full of it"
fact, my inclination is to mate my "sole" to their posteriors....but in
Tony's case, I completely get it, so thank you, SM Tony (for what else?
but "soul mate"?), I'm honored if a bit besotted at such company....

In the Mojave wanting to see more pics of NCECA...did you take any this
year, Mishy? Absolutely agree with Sam that Mishy is forever caught at
17 in a time warp....soon her children will be older than she.....