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..wood ash -- an alternative

updated wed 24 mar 99


orion on tue 23 mar 99


A couple of years ago, a potter friend of mine in Chicago gave up his hobby
of keeping saltwater fish. There was quite a bit of salt sludge in the
bottom of the tank -- which he dried on clean white paper. Coincidentally,
it was time to do a "spring cleaning" of the household woodstove. (You can
see where this is leading?)

The fellow sieved the coarse "clinkers" from the wood ash, and mixed up a
blend of salt-and-ash (2:1, ash to salt sludge) -- dry materials --
nicknamed the stuff "Jon's Salty Ash" :))

We've had VERY interesting results sprinkling or otherwise applying this
salt/ash mixture onto damp, raw, high-fire glazed pots of all sizes, shapes,

Thought some folks might find this an interesting approach to getting wood
ash effects without mixing ash directly into the glaze bucket. Just an

Regards, to all :))

Ellen Baker -- Glacier, WA