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127 mugs exchanged at nceca

updated thu 25 mar 99


Gordon on tue 23 mar 99

Thank you to all 127 participants in The 2nd Annual NCECA Mug Exchange.
What a wonderful assortment of talent! It was crowded and hot and crazy and fun!
A very BIG THANK YOU to Pottery Making Illustrated who gave us a
place to meet and exchange mugs.Thank you to Miki Caldwell,Barbara
Brown,Jan Walker,
Liz Enright and Doug Gray for helping organize.

Here is a list of the participants from this year.
Margaret Arial,Louis Ballard,Laura Baror,John Barrymore,Bobbi Bassett,
Sandra Bencolier,Valerie Bennett, Tim Berg, Mary Beth Bishop, Linda Blossom,
Maud Boliman,John Britt,Barbara Brown,Tom Buck,Richard Burkett, Miki Caldwell,
Millie Carpentar,Melissa Carpenter, Lisa Cecere,Joy Chapman,Keith Chervenacke,
Alice Chittenden, Season Claus,Nan Cofin-Welty, Harriet Coleman,Jim Connell,
Sam Cuttell,Jane Danic,Edna Delany, Jane Dennic,Kristin Doner, Sandra Dwiggins,
Bacia Edleman,Heide Elliot,Judith Enright,Jackie Fagan,Ann Fallis-Elliot
Andi Fasimpaur,Carla Flati, Marvin Flowerman,Russel Fouts, Patti Fox,
Fabienne Gassman, Cheri Glaser,Kathleen Gordon, Douglas Gray,Janet Harper,
Carol Haythorn, Mark Heinmann, Bonnie Hellman,Caroline Henderson, Kim Hohlmayer,
Brenda Hunter,Sue Hutton,Mel Jacobson,Jeff James,David Jenkins,John Jensen,
Johnathan Kaplan, Deni Karpowich, Viki Katz,Louis Katz,Marc Kessling,
Pam Kohler-Camp,Jan Kolanda,Masato Kuboki, Greg Lamont,Terrance Lazaroff,
Lori Leary, Harriet Levy,Paul Lewing,Barbara Lewis,Jenni Lexan,Janice Lipuma
Cheryl Littman,Michelle Lowe,Tim Malm, Lee Marshall,Barbara Marshall,
Barbara Mazur,David McBeth,Kathy McDonald,Jeanne Melchior,Jackie Melissas
Cara Moczygemba,Joe Molinaro, Sylvia Mondloch,Robert Moore, Wendy Moore,
John Neeling, Dale Neese,Diania Pancoli,Amber Pelish,Vincent Pitelka
Pine Hill Pottery,Pete Pinnell,Dannon Rhudy, Ron Roy,Andi Runt,Harvy Sadow
Jim Bob Salazar,Marcia Selsor,Ben Shelton,Rick Sherman,Majorie Shore,
Paula Sibrack,Leah Simmons,Jessica Sletten, Sandi Southwell,Liz Spurlock,
Leslie St Clair,Marianne Stebenne,Art Stilson,Donna Symons,Sandra Tesar,
Phyliss Tilton,Ann Tschoverner,George Van Ostrand,John Voheres,Jan Walker
Paul Watkins,Kenneth Westfall,Sue Wheeler,Kurt Wild,Liz Willoughby,Ed Yonkman,
Bev Zimmeran
If I have spelled your name incorrectly or inadvertently left you
off the list please let me know.
I am sure there are many, many ways to improve the exchange so
please while it is still fresh in your mind send me your suggestions for
next year.

Kathleen Gordon
Palo Alto,Ca

"If things seem under control you are not going fast enough"
Mario Andretti

Judith Enright on wed 24 mar 99

In turn, I want to thank Kathy Gordon for the bang-up job she did
organizing the mug exchange (and not going insane in the process!). She
made it very fun, indeed! And yes, a larger room next year, yes, yes. I
can only anticipate the Clayart contingent becoming larger....

NCECA, my first, was a blast. Plenty of opportunity to mingle as well as
to be the lonesome dove, as needed and/or wanted. Met EXACTLY the right
number of people (funny how that turns out), learned a lot, and saw enough
clay art to keep my head spinning for a while! The Clayart room definitely
provided a 'home' for me when I needed it -- good job, everybody!

Be well...

Judith Enright at Black Leopard Clayware
(408) 947-1723