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nceca and ^6 glazes

updated wed 24 mar 99


Marcia Selsor on tue 23 mar 99

Hi, all!
I thought this NCECA was excellent. I was my 22 NCECA since 1973! The clayart
room continues to be a wonderful asset as someone said "putting the human side
to the cyber connection".
During the mug exchange squish, I was conveniently shoved next to Richard
Burkett who remembered my request for the hyperglaze update
so that I can enter all the glazes into the archives. He happened to reach
into his bag and pull out an updated version! Amazing place- the clayart
room.So thanks for being patient with both of us. I will get on it as soon as
time permits!It was great to see everyone and meet new faces. Russell Fouts
was charming. Alice as always is gracious. Linda Blossom, Dannon, Mel, Vince,
Ron, Tom Buck, on and on great to see you again.-and to my new roommate, Linda
Christen who was very nice and tolerant of the snorers amongst us! Still
coming down off the high,
-and now must return to the classroom. I will start with the ^6 glazes this week
Marcia in Montana
Marcia Selsor