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nceca withdrawal....

updated thu 25 mar 99


Joyce Lee on wed 24 mar 99

My reactions to Sylvia's post are going back&forth, forming and
re-forming; she certainly gave us a lot to ponder. Thanks, Sylvia.
However, taking the risk of being "wrong" and very "politically
incorrect," I do want to acknowledge that hurting is hurting ... pats on
the back are great, but are only that ... they can't alleviate years of
pain. We blessedly have difficulty precisely recalling intense physical
pain once it's relieved, but psychic pain, repeatedly inflicted by those
we love&trust beginning at a young age (almost said "tender age," but
all ages are "tender," aren't they?), is often summoned up in precise
detail when we least expect it. If I'm being presumptious, that's not my
intention. But I've often observed high school kids and wondered why one
found such an easy path through life, and another with similar physical
traits, intelligence and talent felt herself surrounded by barbed fences
from which she couldn't escape ... except hallelujah! and amen!, if
she's lucky, through nature and ART.... AND, if she's even luckier,
through contact with other artists...yea! Go Clayart&NCECA! Maybe this
applies, and maybe it doesn't. Sylvia clearly is articulate, speaks out
(hooray!) and has worked out her problems as an adult. I'd love to see
her pots, as well as probe that "thinking woman's" mind. (I realize that
"probe" doesn't reflect well on ms shallow here, but there ya' are...)

In the Mojave with a mouth that sometimes can barely creak itself into
yet another smile after a hundred years of gladhanding and making
meaningless chitchat ... how else can you ante up and get the game