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nceca withdrawl!!!!

updated thu 25 mar 99


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on wed 24 mar 99

Hello again everyone,

After sending my last message, questioning the superficial elitist
attitude seemingly voiced by Carla in her post-NCECA post, I was
prepared for a barrage of hate mail. Instead, I had a huge flood of
e-mail supporting what I wrote. UNBELIEVABLE!! The total so far is 116
in support, and only two negatives. I now have about a 75 lunch dates
for Denver.

The best part is, that the majority of these supportive messages came
from people whose names I've never seen in Clayart. Most of them say
they're a lot like me. Wallflowers, intimidated by all the hoopla. I
knew there must be others who felt this way, but I had no idea I have so
MUCH company. I do love Clayart, so won't sign off quite yet. I'm
going to try to answer each of your responses personally, but it may
take a while. I'm very grateful to all of you who wrote to say you
understood. Thank you all very much.

As for the other two: No, I don't need intensive therapy, and Yes, I do
practice good personal hygiene.

Now, can we get back to the good stuff. Lets talk about glaze calc or
something. Mel, can you tell us another story? Where were you in '82?

Thanks again.

Sylvia Shirley