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nceca-(the ray-gun)

updated thu 25 mar 99


millie carpenter on wed 24 mar 99


This was a my first NCECA experince, and I will definitly be going
again. I was blown away by the amount of exhibits, galleries, lectures,
demonstration, and most of all by the people that I met. especially in
the clayart room, And having the clayart room was a wonderful treat
(thanks Mel) and meeting every one was fun. now I have faces and voices
to go with the advice that I recieve. The hotel was like being in a
college dorm again. and the elevator rides encouraged a special
closeness that I won't soon forget.
and I got the most wonderful "mug" in the mug exchange. Amber Pelish
turned a mug form into an awesome ray gun, complete with blinking lights
and sounds. I had a lot of fun shooting every one with it. on the trip
home I put it in the top of my camera bag and when I went thru the
security I got pulled to the side with 3 guards to open my bag. ,
aparently it seems to have a profile simular to a 38 special. oops!.
but they laughed when they saw it. Then I shot them!.

and if you don't count the money that I spent on goodies, tools, back
issues of magazines, etc. the price was reasonable. so I will start
saving for next year in denver

Millie in Md. still decompressing and missing everyone.