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updated thu 25 mar 99


mel jacobson on wed 24 mar 99

the richness of nceca was not mugs, butts, cuteness or any other fluff
that we all get into when we get excited and talk about events.

the clayart room was about very meaningful discussions regarding the future
of our craft, and the future of clayart, and its role in the life of clay.

so many of us are at the crossroads of wondering where potters are going.

last evening i was at the first unveiling of the finished pages of the new
bible by
donald jackson......many of you are hearing about it on radio and television
and the news media in general.

it smacked me in the brain that i was viewing perhaps one of the finest
pieces of craftsmanship i had ever seen. the training and years of experience
that has given donald the ability to create within his craft and art something
of this magnitude is overwhelming.

what are we going to give to the next generation of crafts people? i hope a
love of doing the very best?

those are the big questions that were discussed at nceca and the clayart
room.......not in the big venues, the small ones.........the groups of
concerned potters in small circles. late into the night.

when the millennium turns, are we ready to accept the challenges to keep our
craft viable? that is what my secret tape was recording.