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nceca two cents

updated fri 26 mar 99


Stephani Stephenson on thu 25 mar 99

OK NCECA cents worth...
presentations took a back seat this year for me..I walked out of the
demos because they were just too distant, too impersonal even though
Chris did a great job of videoenhancing.
Some of the presentations lost me as well because of ineffective public
speaking skills. once the lights went out, many presenters spoke in
monotone and simply relied on their slides, =93this is my pot, this is my
house, this is me by a kiln.....=94 . I wondered where the =93passion=94 in
the process was. Am using that thought and image to fire myself up.
The figurative show at the Riley Hawke(sp) made me want to hitch a
plane and get back to the studio. Didn=92t get to the Clayart room till
way too late in the week , perhaps the elevator and my 14th floor room
had something to do with it. Would like to have seen more on regional/
Ohio history of potteries/ pottery and am still recovering from way, way
too much secondhand smoke.
I=92m still an NCECA newbie but it=92s the wonderful conversations around
the periphery that mean so much to me. And some pricelss face bending
laughter=21 I thank the people who put so much effort into providing
this forum for such a motley crew =21