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new york clay shows

updated fri 26 mar 99


Frank Gaydos on thu 25 mar 99

If you are heading to New York City, here are two interesting shows to see
at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Contemporary Ceramics: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art brings
together sixty-one ceramic pieces from the Museum=92s collection that =
an unprecedented period of creativity in ceramics and demonstrate the
dramatic breadth of styles that emerged during the latter half of this
century. The exhibition will include works by an international group of
ceramists, from conceptually traditional vessel forms such as teapots,
bowls, and vases, to unconventionally monumental sculptures. This is the
fourth exhibition in the Department of Twentieth Century Art=92s continuing
series of shows that feature works executed in one medium.

More than 170 rarely exhibited unique ceramic works by Pablo Picasso
(1881-1973), created by the artist in the South of France primarily from
1947 to 1962, are on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in =22Picasso:
Painter and Sculptor in Clay=22, from March 3 through June 6, 1999. Although
Picasso is acknowledged as one of the most revolutionary artists of this
century, with an unquestioned reputation as a painter, sculptor, draftsman,
and printmaker, this exhibition is the first large-scale examination of his
ceramic oeuvre, which he commenced at the age of 66. Intimately related in
theme and subject matter to Picasso=92s art in other media, the subjects of
these works range from still lifes to bullfights and include a lively cast
of characters: a mistress and a wife, lovers and clowns, dancers and
musicians, centaurs and fauns, as well as birds and fish. These join many
sculpted and painted ceramics that celebrate the female form--nude and
clothed, standing and seated.
Showing the different ways in which Picasso worked in clay, pieces in the
exhibition range from pre-existing forms or found objects to inventive
shapes created by local potters according to Picasso=92s designs and pieces
modeled by the artist himself. Most works come from private collections,
from the Picasso museums in Paris, Antibes, and Barcelona, and from the
Museum Ludwig in Cologne and the Museo de Ceramica in Barcelona.

Two-thirds of the pieces have never been exhibited before, and the majority
of them are being shown in the United States for the first time. Related
drawings and two paintings, both oil on canvas, are also included in the

In addition, there are 14 other exhibits ongoing. For more information go

The Show Catalog, 'Clay into Art' can be purchased in the online =
Contemporary Ceramics
From the exhibition: Clay into Art: Selections form the Collection of
Contemporary Ceramics in the MMA. Exhibition dates: November 14, 1998 - May
30, 1999.

Member Price: =2413.46 each
Non-member Price: =2414.95 each

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