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re mel's nceca/revisited

updated fri 26 mar 99


L.Louise Lashambe on thu 25 mar 99

Hi Again;
Two e-mails to Clayart in one day, now that's a first. I agree Mel that we
need to concern ourselves about the future of the new clay artists and our
repsonsibilities as craftspeople. It has been a major concern in my life. I
have met children who are unsasitified with the art classes presently taught
in the Canadian school system. In some cases these classes have been reduced
for budget purposes. It breaks my heart to see it. So I decided I could make
a small difference and teach children not only about clay but also what it's
like to be an artist. They learn to design there own pieces by sketching
what they intended to make. I have had remarkable work come out of the
studio. And I was gifted with the pleasure of sharing my skills with a child
who's confidence in themselves as artists grows. These children are 6 to 8
years old and are amazing artists. In the studio we talk about where the
artists sits inside of us and that no one person has the right to tell us
how a piece should look like. These classes are at no cost to the parents.
This I do for the love of teaching.

Take Care

Louise still cloudy in Steveston Village