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nceca/99 woodfire lecture

updated sat 27 mar 99


MOORE, Robert J. on fri 26 mar 99

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> And I heard the "Woodfire for the New Millenium" lecture by John Neely
> was absoultely packed. Was it as inspiring as people had hoped? And
> what makes woodfire for the next millenium new?
> Paul Lewing, who wished, like every year, he could be about three places
> at once.
[MOORE, Robert J.]
Paul, I made it to the woodfire lecture by John Neely. For me it was
inspiring in light of my plans of building a kiln in the near future.
Mr. Neely talked of the design, and reasoning behind his coffin
kiln or train kiln. He did show some nice woodfired pots but the emphasis
was on the kiln and how it can be fired in a shorter amount of time than
traditional woodfired kilns, and still get a good amount of ash deposit and
high temperature.
He showed several variations of the kiln that potters around the
U.S. have used and are getting nice results. Also mentioned that there are
several in New Zealand.
He initially mentioned that he had titled the lecture some time ago
and seemed to wish he had not used millenium in the title. Although he did
make an attempt to correlate his kiln design is for this millenium as the
Anagama and other older kiln designs were used prior to now. I did make
sense in light of that the coffin kiln is in theory, a derivative of these
more ancient kilns.
By the way, are there any clayarters out there that have used this
design? I would love to ask some questions and get some info. from them..
in Southern Indian