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critical ceramics: nceca 1999 pages

updated sun 28 mar 99


Forrest Snyder on sat 27 mar 99

Hello, all.

I've been sick (apparently I was sick at NCECA, too, when I thought I was just
hung over after two beers and I thought I was getting too old to party like I
used to). As some of you have noted, I've been negligent in posting all the
NCECA stuff in a timely manner. I _am_ Sorry.

I just posted some updates to the NCECA 1999 pages on Critical Ceramics. They
include Judith Enright's 3rd Day piece, her images in the Contributor's
Gallery, and images of the clay national and the k-12 show. Please note that
some of the images take a while to download. I've optimized them the best I can.

Now, I've got to get cracking on my articles. I've got notes and/or images for
the Ed Eberle exhibit, the Riley-Hawk show, "From The Inside Out" panel, The
Clay National, the OSU faculty, the "Material Approaches: Conceptual Vs.
Modern" panel, the installation piece by Rebecca Harvey at Acme Art, and the
Cooled Matter installation show at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I
hope to post at least one article a day for the next several days.

I really am sorry that this has taken so long!

Forrest Snyder, Editor
Critical Ceramics