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updated sun 28 mar 99


Gregory D Lamont on sat 27 mar 99

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>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:29:36 -0700
>Subject: Help for us insecure "newbies" at NCECA-Denver
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>I have been reading the response to Sylvia's post with great interest.
>While I'm not especially old or ugly or fat (okay, fine, so I'm 42, wear
>glasses, and could stand to drop 30 pounds!), I am new to clay (three
>years, part-time) and very new to Clayart (1 month). I'd love to go to
>Denver in 2000 -- am tentatively planning on it, actually -- but have
>feared I would feel a little ( a lot!) intimidated by all those "real,"
>talented, and knowledgeble potters while I am just a rank beginner. Also,
>like Sylvia and many others who've posted replies to her, I don't know any
>of you except by disembodied messages on the list. (Are you all really as
>nice and human as you sound?)
>So I have a suggestion: When I went to my first Mensa convention many,
>many years ago, those of us there for the first time received lapel buttons
>proclaiming: "MY FIRST TIME!" This alerted other Mensans to a) be gentle
>with us (if any of you have ever been to a Mensa Convention, you'll know
>what I mean); b) introduce themselves and start conversations; and c)
>introduce us to the so-called "Big Names" (every group has them) that they
>were acquainted with but whom we had only heard of. Rather than hiding
>from and with our "newness," we made it a joke, an ice-beaker. It was
>So, what do ya'll think? I'd be willing to coordinate having the buttons
>made and getting them to Denver prior to the convention if The Powers That
>Be think its a good idea (and are willing to pay for it).
>Julie Ann Bouche'
>in soggy Oregon, where the daffodils and the cherries are blooming in spite
>of the interminable gray weather.
>P.S. to Joyce Lee, whom I've never met but love anyway just from her
>silly/human/thought-provoking posts: If you ever threaten to sign off of
>Clayart again, I will personally travel down to the Mojave and kick your

Dear Julie (or is it Julie Ann ?),

Great idea! We did this in a similar way at the National Association of
College Stores (NACS) conventions, by way of a special stickers on their
name badges. Our name badges had all kinds of stickers on them to alert
different groups as to what your function in your bookstore organization
was, i.e. textbook buyer, supplies buyer, etc. First time attendees got a
sticker--as I recall it was a colored dot-- that said--in an unobtrusive
way: "I'm new--be nice/patient/helpful to me!"

Greg Lamont

3011 Northwood Drive
Ames, IA 50010-4750
(515) 233-3442