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updated sun 28 mar 99


gail sheffield on sat 27 mar 99

Reading all the NCECA posts has been fascinating, especially the thread =
by Sylvia. It all really makes me want to go to Denver. While I pretty =
fit the old/ugly/intimidated/fat category, I am always trying to change the
latter. (After almost 60 years, you'd think I would have learned. . . .)
Anyway, in the course of events, over the years I have attended, by myself, =
number of totally different conferences, workshops, etc., and have =
experienced a
full range of situations, from being happy and accepted, to being frozen out=
completely intimidated. You never quite know, but usually there are others
there who are by themselves and equally insecure, and you and they can get
together. This is most easily done in situations where everyone stays in =
same place and eats together, which is not the situation with something like
NCECA where there are so many people and the housing is so big. Anyway to =
these associations easier but not forced?

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA+

gail sheffield on sat 27 mar 99

Just another thought which popped into my head=3B the mug exchange sounded =
great, what about a tile exchange for us non-throwers?

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA