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wood firing in a village

updated sun 28 mar 99


David Hendley on sat 27 mar 99

At 07:44 AM 3/25/99 EST, you wrote:
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>I am considering building a small wood-soda kiln in a village setting. My
>question is this: I have seen lots of pictures of wood kilns with flames
>shooting out the chimney. Is this necessary?

Not to be flippant, but to keep flames from shooting out
the chimney, build the chimney taller.
I've had both kinds, shooting and contained, and frankly, I don't
see how flames coming out the chimney a few feet is a hazzard.
It does make it LOOK dangerous, though.

> I think I read here that it
>is not, and may even be a waste of energy (something like the flame's heat
>is concentrated at the end; why send it out of the kiln). The kiln will
>be legal and inspected and have all the necessary clearances

My experience has been that heavy reduction is what really
sends the flames shooting out. Reduction, by definition, is a
"waste of energy".
I'm curious as to how your kiln will be certified as legal and inspected.
Are there specifications for wood-fired kilns where you live?
Also, you do know that wood kilns make smoke?, which I think
would bother neighbors more than flames coming from the chimney.

Best wishes,

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas