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kiln wash use

updated tue 30 mar 99


Dr.Tom Roess on sun 28 mar 99

I work as a studio assistant in the local college's ceramics
department. One interesting aspect of working with a number of teachers is
that it depends on who you ask as to what answer you get. The question in
question was, is it all right to kiln wash shelves just before you use
them? They become dry to the touch almost immediately, especially in our
dry climate, so nothing would stick to the pots, but some are of the
opinion that they must be completely dry before being used. I'd
appreciate any opinions or input from your experience.
Another question concerns the inevitable gouges on kiln shelves
from grinding off glaze drips. Is there something that will fill them
permanently or does one just fill them with kiln wash as needed?
Thanks for the help.
Lou in Snowmass

Jim Brooks on mon 29 mar 99

Lou.. i fire for a local junior college..and have never had a problem with
kiln washing a shelf and putting it in the kiln. Not much water there.. and
the "slow" heat up o f the kiln dries them out quickly..and no problem with
"wash" sticking to a pot..unless someone has "overglazed" the pot and the
glaze runs.......I have even put "wet clay " into the kiln to hold the
cones..with a lot of holes punched in it..and that works also.. SO , "wash
and fire" -- if you wish........