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nceca & k-12 exhib

updated tue 30 mar 99


Dannon Rhudy on sun 28 mar 99

.... I plan on fighting for is the acceptance of the K-12
>exhibition as an "official" NCECA sponsored show......
need your help
>in the way of comments as to why it should be considered.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this show and if you think it should be an
>"official" NCECA sponsored show........>

>Jim Connell

I did indeed enjoy the show. Some of the work was remarkable, and all of
it was laudable. It is inspiriting to see such work coming from K-12
And refreshing. While I teach at college level, I do have one private student
who is home schooled, and comes to me to work with clay. I told him of the
K-12 exhibit, and his interest/excitement was boundless. He wanted to see
slides or photos or something, not for competitive reasons, but just for the
chance to see what others his age might be doing with clay.

It seems to me that it would be a good and forward-looking thing for NCECA
to sponsor this exhibit.


Dannon Rhudy

millie carpenter on mon 29 mar 99

As a high school art teacher, I would love to have the exhibit be not
only official, but also to have some sort of catalog. the opportunity
to show the kids what others their age are doing is rare. and to see
what other teachers are doing and trade ideas is invaluable.

Millie in MD. where the sun is peeking out