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nceca locations/toronto in the 60s

updated mon 29 mar 99


Marcia Selsor on sun 28 mar 99

One of the first NCECA's was in Toronto. Since that time, in the 80's I think)
there were some grumblings about the "national" meaning US. I think that is
not true anymore as stated earlier in this review of NCECA '99. I really like
the idea of BC. Louis?
Marcia in Montana

L.Louise Lashambe wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Hi Lois:
> I can understand the workings of booking rooms, conference rooms, galleries,
> location etc... however who scouts out these locations to determine which
> locations suits our membership best? Is it possible to send out a tender to
> large hotels in major cites describing the size of our membership and the
> needs of our conference. You do realize that we who live near the pacific
> ocean have more than just a hotel and conference rooms to offer, we have the
> scenery. Ask Vince what he thought of Vancouver during his Coloured Clay
> Workshop last summer. And your American dollar will go a looooong way here.
> Has a Canadian city been considered? Just thought I'd ask again.
> Take Care
> Louise in SUNNY Steveston Village.

Marcia Selsor