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updated mon 29 mar 99


Barbara Lewis on sun 28 mar 99

Dear Louis et al.

I've been enjoying others comments on the conference and have a suggestion
for the future. Since our group from Maryland had to stay over a Saturday
night in order to get cheap tickets, we were looking for something to do on
Saturday afternoon. We decided we wanted to see the functional exhibit at
the Athens campus and knew it would require us renting a car. However, we
didn't plan ahead and was just coming to this conclusion at about 11 a.m. on
Saturday. We didn't know if the exhibit was open. We tried to call, but no
answer. Didn't want to rent the car and then have nowhere to go. By then
the meeting conference was breaking up and it was hard to spot a helpful
person at the conference. I realized at that point it would be tremendously
helpful if people connected to the conference (students, faculty, etc.)
would have worn OSU t-shirts or sweatshirts -- or some other type of
"uniform" -- for the duration of the conference. I know it's a lot to ask,
but when needing help, these ambassadors could provide an extremely valuable
service. The usefulness of being able to spot a knowledgeable person in a
crowd at a conference can't be minimized. Just thought I'd offer my 2
cents. Barbara
Wellspring Clayworks
5412 Well Spring Road
La Plata, MD 20646