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nceca charlotte 2001

updated wed 31 mar 99


Jim Connell on mon 29 mar 99

Hello all,

Today, March 28th, marks the day the Charlotte NCECA conference will start
in 2001.

I am happy to say the weather is beautiful, near 70 degrees F. With
Carolina blue skies (sorry Duke fans). Forecast for the next four days are
mid to high 70's.

The colors of spring are in full bloom even though we have had a very late
Spring. Make plans now! I guarantee great weather. (Or at least better than
Columbus and Denver's.)

Nothing could be finer...

Jim Connell
Winthrop University

Lori Leary on tue 30 mar 99

I will be coordinating signage at NCECA Charlotte, 2001. I would be
interested in hearing any input re: signs from those that attended
Columbus or any previous NCECA conference. Please send your
suggestions, complaints (be gentle!), and comments to me OFF the list
Also, I would find it helpful if you could put the subject heading as
NCECA Signage.

Thanks for your help,
Pawleys Island, SC