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nceca and smoke/reflections

updated wed 31 mar 99


Marcia Selsor on tue 30 mar 99

At the 1978 NCECA/Supermud there was an audience of 2300 ceramicists.
The coughing was eerie. I quit smoking two years after that-cold turkey, no
patch. Just a visit from Kurt Weiser to my home. He said he quit when he was
ranting to a gallery owner sucking hard on a cigarette.
He thought the madder he got, the harder he sucked. That p** him off
at the gallery owner so much that he quit smoking. He thought "why should he
let the gallery owner cause him to suck harder smoking. He quit! I quit right
after that due to his story. Whatever it takes.
The coughing at the NCECA 1978 really was a realization when they discussed
lung cancer among irritated lungs (smoking).
I didn't notice any smoke at NCECA but I did not go to the dance. I haven't
been to an NCECA dance since San Diego.

Vince Pitelka wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> >Need to know, before I set my heart on going to a NCECA convention. Actually
> >it's a little late, since I would really love to go. BUT, I'm asthmatic and
> >VERY allergic to smoke. Are there venues where there is no smoking? What
> >about the Clayart room? Am I doomed to never meeting any of you wonderful
> >people? It would not be worth ending up in the hospital or dead. Well maybe
> >it would be worth it.
> Dianne -
> As far as I saw, there was no smoking in ANY NCECA venue, and never anyone
> smoking in the Clayart room. As a group I think we are far too considerate
> for that. I did notice that some people went outside (of the building) to
> smoke periodically.
> - Vince
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Marcia Selsor