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nceca buttons, id tags,etc.

updated mon 5 apr 99


Jancy Jaslow on sun 4 apr 99

I was a first-timer in Columbus, and frankly didn't get around to checking
out many name tags. Maybe it was because I was a day-tripper, and too busy
soaking it all in. But, if any special dots, squiggles or pins are to be
considered, I vote for some noticeable mark for People In Charge/Board
Members/People to Ask Questions Of....I wasn't the only visitor seeking
information now and then.

Also, Friday at 5ish when things "shut down"...the registration desk people
vanished, and I took advantage of the desk and chair area (as did a few other
conventioneers) to wait to meet my friends. People came asking
one to answer them.

I had a great time all in all. Demonstrations: they were certainly popular
and the suggestions for possible changes indicate people want this to
improve. More video screens sounds good to me(not everyone can get a front
row seat, and some tall person always manages to sit in front of
vertically-challenged me). Place the demonstrator/s lower than the
audience...similar to on a stage, with the observers above>>? Maybe have a
moderator to make sure each demonstrator gets time to chat and explain what
they are doing... I heard a great deal from one or two demonstrators, and not
much from the other (shy? busy? ) clay workers.

Hope to make it to Denver (be prepared for snow or sun, never can tell in
Denver...from True Experience)

Jancy Jaslow