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nceca-material approaches: conceptual vs. modernist

updated mon 5 apr 99


Tori Arpad on sun 4 apr 99

Hello and welcome home from NCECA.

Thanks to all of you who attended the panel "Material Approaches:
Conceptual vs. Modernist." Lizzie Zucker Saltz and I were both surprised
and thrilled by the turnout. And since we didn't get a chance to talk
with everyone, we're hoping to elicit some feedback.

Did you attend the panel, talk with anyone about it, hate it, love it?

Do you work with and other media in addition to clay? If so, what do you
call yourself, your work?

Do you teach ceramics, and how does your job title/description affect
your response to these issues?

Please reply to us at the following email address:

Thanks--your time and honesty are appreciated.


Tori Arpad
Assistant Professor
Florida International University
Visual Arts Department
University Park Campus
Miami, FL 33199
305-348-6544 fax