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updated mon 5 apr 99


Kris Bliss on sun 4 apr 99

Hi all. Our local feed the homeless place is called bean's cafe.
this year, our guild raised $26,728 for Bean's Cafe.

1760 bowls donated by guild members, $4000 raised at the silent
auction. Pottery students at the University of Alaska contributed over
5oo bowls, the areas high schools donated 100 bowls,and the kenai
potters guild sent up 70 bowls.

We are so proud! Bean's cafe says this is their biggest net fundraiser.
Kewl huh?

This event would not happen every year (this is #5) without the effort
of many people but first and formost our own Chris Kemper.

Thanks for listening.. I just wanted to brag on my buddies.
Kris Bliss, in alaska where it snowed last night.. sigh where is spring??