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studio in my horse barn?

updated mon 5 apr 99


Carolyn Sawyer on sun 4 apr 99

Dear Clayarters,

I'm a newbie. I just bought my own wheel and Skutt KM. I have a spare stall
(14'x14') in my horse barn that is very well ventilated....practically wide
open. My question is, would this be a good place for a kiln? I worry about
the mice chewing thru any wiring. The horses are turned out most of the time
but I've got a couple of Billy goats, a goose and a rooster who could keep me
company. I've heard that animal foot prints are desirable in the clay but
I don't imagine there's much call for goat horn punctures! Yet these little
guys have been the inspiration for many of my first sculptures. We have
rubber matting (flooring) in the stall. Would I need something else to put
the kiln on?

Do you think this will be too small for a studio or should I scrap the whole
idea and move it to a big concrete floored storage building further down the
property? I imagine more is far as room. The former owner used
the building to repair his earth moving equipment. It's definitely big
enough just not very inspirational!

I want to thank all of you for the countless times I've been able to leave my
fellow pottery students speechless when I come to class and go into detail
about something I've learned every week from this list! You all are amazing.

Carolyn in the SC Mountains.....where the Dogwoods are blooming