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from barn to studio

updated wed 7 apr 99


Jan Doyle on tue 6 apr 99

Hi Carolyn,

I've never participated in any ClayArt dialog before so I'm hoping this
message comes thru alright.

Lucky you!! Congrats on your new wheel and kiln. I currently use a
Skutt with the automatic controller and absolutely love the technology.
I set the controls and I'm off doing other things. I'm sure you're
going to appreciate being able to now work at home!!

Using your barn sounds like a great way to utilize space. Maybe you
could spruce it up by hanging posters of pottery such as those we were
able to pick up at NCECA. Can you situate your wheel so you have some
type of view and aren't facing a wall?

I would recommend that you place the kiln on inexpensive tiles for
better protection. I hope this is sound advice because I'm no expert by
any means. My kiln is located in a building that's approx. 150 yrs. old
and that's what I did and then vented it to the outside. I've been
using it this way for nearly 5 years and have not had any problems.
Recently, I've been thinking of moving my studio to our old barn.

Good Luck!

Jan Doyle
Mt. Airy, Maryland