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suggestions for large platter execution

updated thu 8 apr 99


Tena Payne on wed 7 apr 99

I took an order for 4 large platters (18x24) having never made anything
this large before. Stupid, huh?

Anyway, I slabbed them 3/4 - 1 inch thick and have been letting them
dry under plastic for about two weeks now. They're just past leather
hard. After reading about all the dunting problems I'm scared.

What do I need to do to assure these platters won't crack? OKOKOK, what
precautions can I take to minimize the chances of these platters
breaking and/or warping? The clay is Standard's 204, a brown ^6.

Should I groove the bottoms? Fire on sand? They will span the width of
the kiln covering both half-shelves. Should I space between the
abuttment or keep it tight?
What about glazing? Obviously the bottoms can't be glazed, will this
play havoc with the stresses of clay and glaze? I plan on using Randy's
Red glaze.

Any other help/suggestions/precautions, please advise!

in Birmingham where the rain is (finally) settling the pollen
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