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zinc crystal glaze help??/kind of late...

updated mon 12 apr 99


isak on sat 10 apr 99


----------------------------Original message----------------------------
The Ceramics Web GLAZEBASE at has=
following recipe you might be interested in trying...(I entered cone =
10 and surface =3Ccontains=3E =22crystal=22 as the search criteria)
Glaze Name: Emmanuel Cooper's Blue Crystal =23383

////// I have to answer to this. What are you thinking out there, all you
=22crystal-maniacs=22 is Coopers 383 really a crystal-glaze?
I don=60t think so. The few of us, working with crystal-glazes here in =
have as a criteria that the crystals will be shown as large crystal-shapes =
the glaze and/or at the surface on the glaze.
I am NOT argue against the answer, i=60m just looking for some kind of limit=
:This is a crystal-glaze / and /
This is not=21
I meen if i make a glaze with 8-10=25 of Rutile the glaze probably will give=
a lot
of Rutile-spots, do you call that a Crystal-glaze? Do you have a limit or
criteria for what you call: This is a Crystal-glaze or is there any criteria=

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Vince Pitelka on sun 11 apr 99

The term "crystalline glaze" has usually been used to refer only to
"macrocrystalline glazes" where the crystals develop as large visible shapes
on the surface. Glazes which have small flecks of crystals on or in the
surface are "microcrystalline" and are not usually referred to as
crystalline glazes.
- Vince

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