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oxford, england

updated wed 14 apr 99


Caroline and Hedley Saunders on mon 12 apr 99

I am going to Oxford for a short visit and wondered if anyone had any
recommendations for what to see, museums, exhibitions, galleries selling
ceramics, etc. I won't have much time but want to make the best of any
opportunity I may get.
Devon, England
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shirley freed on tue 13 apr 99


The Classified section of Ceramic Review always lists Events, Crafts
magazine includes a list of ceramics exhibits. Check Oxford Gallery. They
may have a pottery exhibit.

Paul Vincent's Studio Pottery magazine also has a Calendar of gallery

If you have the time and wheels, see what The Abbington Museum in Abbington
is showing and the Oxford Craft Guild at Chipping Norton.

The Ceramic Review's publication "Potters" list about a150 potters. I've
found it an invaluable guide. It includes a photo of the potter and his
work, as well as the address & telephone number and whether or not they will
accept visitors and when.

If your interested in garden pots, you might enjoy a visit to Jim Keeling's
Whichford Pottery in the village of Whichford, if I remember correctly. And
on a rainy day visit Ashmolean Museum's fine collection of historic pottery.

You're bound to have a great time. If you have further questions, feel free
to e-mail me at Shirley Freed

Alex Wilson on tue 13 apr 99

Caroline, go to the Ashmolean Museum ( in my stead ). I think they have some
Chinese and Japanese pottery as well as some Cardew pieces. Can't remember
entirely, and I just loaned my guidebooks out. Give the Tourist Board, and
maybe the Crafts Council a call before you go, for galleries & such, and keep
your eyes elevated to appreciate the lovely stonework.
Wish I were there...