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the stigma of being an "academic"

updated tue 13 apr 99


Erin Hayes on mon 12 apr 99

Hi All=21

=22The whole idea of artists statements seem to be perpetuated by galleries =
the academic community.=22

In response to this comment I would like to say that I don't think there is
anything inherently evil about being self-taught, apprenticed or having gone
through an academic program. Why is there a stigma to any of these =

I see evidence of it sometimes on the list - the =22academics=22 snipe on =
=22self-taught=22 people for not understanding the =22finer things=22 and =
the =22self
taught=22 people snipe on the =22academics=22 for being too big for their =

I find it discouraging. Every person's artwork is a product of their path =
training. Why should there be any stigma attached to how you got there, as =
as you did?

I'll be the first to admit that some of the artsy-fartsy stuff is very =
and can really get in the way of artists and non-artists dealing with =
artwork. I
try to talk about those issues in my classes so that my students look at the=
world critically and don't get intimidated by such things. But I've always =
clay was a remedy for the high-brow stuff - it's so honest and earthy and

Just my opinion, as always.

Erin. (a dyed-in-the-wool =22academic,=22 for better or worse.)