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rice bowls and american hutspah

updated mon 19 apr 99


Daniel Considine on sat 17 apr 99

from my Japanes wife on the rice bowl with hashi (chopstick )
excerpt from our emails...I told her it was American artistic license

"Seems totally strange to me. At least, it is not the Japanese
>dish, maybe in somewhere in asia? You know, for westerners, ALL
>Asia look same and mixed up. Maybe some other asian person knows
>about that kind of thing. Korean, Chinese, Taiwan,.......etc.
>i have never seen such bowl in Japan. i don't know maybe 700
>years before people use it even here in Japan?"
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Caroline Cheng on sun 18 apr 99

Rice bowls with chopsticks holder are as oriental as fortune cookies.
However my family occasianlly look forward to going to the good ole USA
Chinatowns and have one of those cookies and we don't mind seeing strange
rice bowls with holes!

American inventions are unique, aren't they?

Caroline in Hong Kong