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raku kiln and poor grammar/spelling

updated wed 21 apr 99


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on tue 20 apr 99


Here's a web site which gives a vivid example of why we should watch our
spelling and grammar.

The purpose of this well-intended site is to give instructions for
building a raku kiln, but there are many mistakes in the text, making
the instructions hard to understand. It looks like it might be a good
kiln, but some of the critical information is messed up.

For example, what size is the orifice? Has anybody ever heard of the
2/23" drill bit which is called for in the list of materials? How about
a 2/32", which is mentioned in Step 2 as being "important"?

Also, be sure to wrap the pipe joints with taffone tape to prevent
leads, and "always be ware for leaking lines."

Being a midwestern farm girl, I can figure out part of it, but imagine
trying to read this if English wasn't your native language.