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up from clay, nceca home office ribbon cutting

updated sun 25 apr 99


Louis Katz on sat 24 apr 99

Hello Clayart,
As many of you know, NCECA is about to have a home office. This will add
some stability to an organization that has run out of peoples living
rooms. If you live near Erie, please attend. Below is a press release.
If you have need of more information call or right our new Council
Administrator Jacqueline Thomas at:
or by
Sound line:at (303)-445-1942

The =93Up From Clay Celebration=94 will kick off Saturday afternoon, May
15th at 4:30 o'clock from the stage of the 1999 Erie Town Fair.
Ceremonies welcoming the National Council on Education for the Ceramic
Arts will take place as part of the many festivities planned for the
community. The announcement of the establishment of NCECA=EDs National
Headquarters in Erie is the first step in the creation of a National
Ceramic Arts Center.

The day's activities will signal the initial stages of a major campaign
to erect a national center that is dedicated to the ceramic arts in its
many forms. Artisans, educators, students, historians, writers,
researchers, and art lovers will be able to use the planned center's
resources in a variety of ways. Currently, in the inception stages, the
structure will be the repository for art from sculpture to functional
pottery. Residency programs and classes with renowned talents will be
offered. The learning environment will be available for master artists
as well as students and hobbyists. A world class library is already
becoming a reality with the future bequest from Dr. Louana Lackey,
Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Lackey has donated her priceless collection of
art and research volumes including some over 100 years old.

The Bixler Foundation of Erie has been instrumental in bringing NCECA to
the community. The foundation will continue to support the capital
campaign to raise funds for the construction of the building and the
development of programs.

Throughout the day, fair attendees can learn more about =93Up From Clay=94
at the NCECA booth. A =93hands-on clay=94 booth will be set up in the park
for those who would like to experience this art form. The Board of
Directors of NCECA will be present during the day to introduce the
organization and participate in the special ceremony. Potters and
artisans from the community, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, as well as
Denver have been invited to share in this record event.

For information on NCECA and to learn more about the National Ceramic
Arts Center, call 1-800-99-NCECA.