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lampoil and that old lampliner from long, long ago

updated mon 26 apr 99


Joseph Herbert on sun 25 apr 99

Autumn Downey wrote on April 11 (?) about lampliner types and uses.

This is not a particularly timely reply but, people who lived in the
unelectrified days of yore will testify that Kerosene (lamp oil) is a really
=22creepy=22 thing. It just doesn=92t want to stay where it is put. It =
almost seems
like it shares that odd property of Helium 3 where the liquid can climb up =
and other strange things. While this makes it easier for the liquid to go
through a porous clay body, it also means that it is difficult to tell if =
ring on the table came from going through the body or from a few drops that
eventually migrated down the outside from a bad filling or an escape from =
wick somehow. Hard to know but it is the nature of the material.