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potters in london

updated tue 27 apr 99


Jenny Lewis on mon 26 apr 99

Two people were asking about potters in London - what a coincidence!

Well, it is a WONDERFUL place to visit, as there is a lot to see and
do. Apart from visiting potters, don't miss the museums and
galleries - a whole day (or more if possible) in the V&A, another one
in the British Museum, plus a couple of hours at the Percival David
Foundation, will be a good start to seeing some of the most beautiful
historical pottery around. In the V&A, some contemporary stuff as

Sorry I don't know anyone famous or anything, and as I am way behind
as usual with Clayart messages, I apologise if you have already been
swamped with replies. Anyway, instant thoughts are - try the Crafts
Council, Pentonville Road (Angel is the nearest tube station) - they
have an information service and I seem to recall they were setting up
a computerised directory of craftspersons in the UK.

The Crafts Potters shop in Marshall Street is a good place to look
around. They have a folder of information (used to be a scruffy
noticeboard before they refurbished and lost their scruffy look).
They sell a potters dictionary, sorry, can't remember off-hand
what it is called, but probably just "Potters". Info on potters
in the UK with photos of their work. The shop is near Oxford Circus,
a little back street near (parallel to) Carnaby Street.

Another thought - Contemporary Applied Arts - Percy Street, just
off Tottenham Court Road, also worth a visit. I haven't been there
for a while, for some reason, but I seem to recall they are also
quite helpful with information.

Hope this is useful and/or helpful. Please let me know if you have
any questions I could try to answer.