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updated wed 28 apr 99


Janssen, Rick on tue 27 apr 99

Hi All -- The following article was published in the Sioux Falls (SD) Argus
Leader, Wednesday, March 10, 1999, page 1D:

Fund-riser diners take home more than meal

by Jill Callison, Argus Leader Staff

About 150 people who take part in a fund-rising supper this evening will
leave with more than a full stomach.

They also will leave with a hand-thrown pottery bowl that will symbolize the
needs of hungry people everywhere.

"They'll take home an empty bowl to remind them that there's hunger in the
world," says Clare vanBrandwijk, campus minister at O'Gorman High School.

O'Gorman's Campus Ministry team and art department students have worked
together to sponsor the first Empty Bowls Lenten soup supper.

Empty Bowls was started by two art teachers in the United States and has
spread to other areas. This is the first time the event has been offered in
Sioux Falls.

One reason the 44 O'Gorman students on the Campus Ministry team liked the
idea of the soup supper was that it would involve others in the community.

"We've touched as many lives as we can," says vanBrandwijk. "That's the most
exciting thing."

O'Gorman art teacher Gary Siska made most of the 150 bowls, and his students
applied the different glazes.

In the future years, the organization also hopes to involve artists in the
Sioux Falls community.

Natalie Haas, 16, and Craig Halstead, 18, belong to the Campus Ministry
team. Haas, a junior, will take tickets tonight while Halstead, a senior,
will pick up 100 pots of chili from the Sioux Falls Brewing Co.

Also donating soup are Minerva's, the Olive Garden, Perkins, Casa Del Rey
and Westward Ho Country Club.

Bread will be donated by Great Harvest Bread Co., Breadsmith and Westward

The Campus Ministry team made posters with statistics on world hunger to
raise awareness of how serious the problem is.

An estimated 35,000 children in the world die every day from hunger. The
yearly total equals the population of Detroit, Los Angeles, Boston and New
York City combined.

"When people think of hunger they think of Third World countries," Haas
said. "They don't think of it as happening in their own city, but it is."

Added Halstead, "We want to bring awareness of hunger into the Sioux Falls

Proceeds from the fund-raiser will be divided among the local agencies that
help the hungry.

O'Gorman's Campus team reorganized last fall. It has sponsored a food drive,
has brought items in for the Catholic Diocese's Advent baby shower and is
planning a senior retreat.

The team also will work on Habitat for Humanity projects.


Rick L. Janssen

Just back from a raku workshop and all signed up for a Peter Voulkos
workshop in Omaha the end of May. Such is Spring!