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for steve in bath, uk

updated sat 1 may 99


Stephen Mills on mon 17 may 99

Hi Lisa,

Sodium Dispex is a liquid deflocculent sometimes used in the production
of casting slips instead of sodium silicate and sodium carbonate (soda
ash). Its more common use is to add a few drops (literally) to a casting
slip that has become out of balance due to having had trimmings put back
into it. From this you can deduct that it is VERY powerful. I don't know
what its US equivalent is, but I expect someone on the list will know
from the description and help us all (as usual) by publishing it here.

hope this helps.

Take care.

Steve Mills

In message , L.P. Skeen writes
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Hey Steve,
>I've got one of your customers staying here w/ me for about 2 weeks;
>Elizabeth Mickl. She has something called Dispex (sp?) that she's
>making Terra sig with. What's this stuff in American?
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