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large platter execution solution!

updated sat 1 may 99


Tena Payne on mon 17 may 99

I received many helpful tips and good information about the large
platter execution. I did have one crack in the bisque and it was in the
largest one. (I made two of each.... 18x24 oval and rectangle.)

But I stumbled across a sure success solution. (I hope.) Since the
largest one cracked the length of the platter along the fault line
(where the two half-shelves come together :>) I knew that the
heating/cooling needed to be more evenly distributed. (Age old
problem.) I tried grog on the shelves in the first firing with limited
success. But then I thot.... FIBER! So I placed a piece of one-inch
fiber the size of the platter beneath it and it came thru beautifully!
Used it again in the glaze firing... Again, no problems! Some of the
glaze got on the fiber, but I just wiped it off, sanded a bit and
everything was great.

I can't believe I haven't thot of this before.

I just hope Mel or Tony don't tell me why not to do it again. ;> I want
to think all my problems are solved. ;>

Thanx again for everyone's help.

In B'ham AL

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