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new kid says, "thanks!"

updated wed 5 may 99


Cindy Dueringer on tue 4 may 99

Wow!!! Holy cow!!! Thanks to everyone who wrote with all your suggestions
and help!!! I'll answer everyone personally as soon as I can! Heavy storms
and tornado warnings (I live in Kansas) are keeping me away from the computer
a bit the past day or two. No point in flirting with disaster.

The e-mails and responses I've read in the past couple days have taught me
more about pottery and clayart than I've learned in my life!!! What a
wonderful collective BRAIN respository of clayart information!!!

Based on a couple jillion recommendations for buying "The Potter's Dictionary
of Materials and Techniques" Frank Hamer, Janet Hamer (Contributor);
Hardcover; and the accompanying caveat about it's $50-$60 expense, I skipped
on over to and ordered it for $34.97 (plus shipping). I also
ordered, because of a recommendation on building water fountains a copy of
"Quick & Easy Container Water Gardens : Simple-To-Make Water Features and
Fountains for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens" Philip Swindells; Hardcover; for
$16.07 plus a little shipping.
I got both books plus shipping for just under $ case anyone that
doesn't already have it and would LIKE to get one, you can save a couple

You all helped me so much, I hope this little I can offer helps someone
thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!