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$20 mug

updated tue 26 jul 05


John Jensen on sun 9 may 99

Being a person raised up in the '50's and '60's, I still have a stubborn
sense that $20 dollars is some kind of real money, but it isn't. My rule of
thumb for comparing real values and my false intuition is to divide my
ten...roughly, $20 has a value equivilant to what $2 was when I was coming
up. In those days a cheap car was 1500 dollars, today a cheap car is
15,000. Minimum wage was .60 cents, today it's $6.00. Ground beef was
.25/lb, today it's $2.50. and so forth. Besides Bill Gates makes $2500 per

John Jensen,
Mudbug Pottery
Annapolis, Md.

Lee Marshall on mon 25 jul 05

In a message dated 7/24/2005 11:50:16 PM Central Standard Time,
This year at the Ann Arbor Art Fair the selections were few and alas=20
the $20.00 mug was nowhere to be found.
i'm a production potter and i HATE making $20 mugs. sooo i have an apprentice
make them and i make the $40 mugs. they are much more fun. they don't have to
match the kitchen wallpaper or be the same size or design or anything of that
sort. but it still takes more time to make a mug than a 3 lb bowl and i
charge the same $40 for both