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updated tue 4 may 99


Kimberly B. Severance on mon 3 may 99

Hello All!
I have been reading along for about a month now and am amazed at the
diversity of technical levels here on Clayart! I am a long time art
educator and make clay sculptures. I hope I can contribute too as I have
gleaned so much from all of you. Thanks!
This year I am planning to start teaching classes to kids in my almost
ready studio. So far I have been thinking about doing K/1, 2/3 and 4/5/6.
I would probably do older but haven't planned for them yet.
Lessons to date for k/1- mountain shaped dried flower holder (formed from
a 2" coil about 3" long, press down to make base and pinch lightly along
the top for the mountain top, add textural patterns with costume jewelry
etc., and make holes for flowers with small dowel), masks using basic form
as tracer and visuals of masks (African, Eskimo), pinch pots and additive
sculpture techniques (inspired by the Stabiles of Alexander Calder - build
a small maquette).
Lessons to date for 2/3 - Coil techniques, pinch pot with additive
(example - animal legs and head added to pot), slab wall hanging with
pocket, mobile.
Lessons to date for 4/5/6 - slab box with lid, coil with more than one
opening, sculpture with clay, independent study (after mastery of pinch,
coil and slab) and glazing.
For my own work, I have used old typewriter keys. My husband took apart
an old relic for me -Thanks Buddy! The type is small though and is easily
filled with glaze or whatever.
After reading many posts, I must admit that I don't have the Cadillac of
kilns but would really like to learn how to repair it. I have a Paragon
and no doubt many of you consider upkeep a no-brainer but I'd really like
to pick up a book on it. Any suggestions?
Thank you!
Kim Severance from
Moultonboro, N.H.