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mayco crystal glazes

updated thu 13 may 99


Mike Dalgleish on tue 11 may 99

I have a local supplier who import Mayco glazes from the States. What is the
best way to use them, what soak times work best in an electric kiln and can
I use the "Gold filigree" on the same pot and firing as Royal fantasy for
The clay is probably a white stoneware (White St' Thomas from
Stoke-0n-Trent) unless advised otherwise.
As a relative newcomer your help would be gratefully received
with thanks.
Mike d. Dalgleish

Vivianne Escolar on wed 12 may 99

Mike, I've used the gold filigree as the main glaze with other colours
next to it and it comes out very nice. The non metallic colours have not
become metallic. When I have used Duncan smoky silver, everything in the
kiln acquires a metallic sheen. As to the firing I find that a faster
firing is better for low fire commercially produced glazes with a short
soak at the end. Very short soak. The colours come out brighter and
cleaner . When I fire slowly or soak too long I loose the brightness and
intensity of the colour. Specially reds, yellows and oranges. I've used
these glazes on white and red bodies. A white body gives you cleaner
colours while the red body gives you moody dark colours. Hope this
Cheers Vivi, back from the mountains and very refreshed!