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peg udal's wood fired kiln

updated fri 14 may 99


Bill Downs on thu 13 may 99

My name is Bill I'm on the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm getting ready to
construct one of these kilns, proceeding early in June. I just completed my
IFB order from Larkin Furnace Const. Co. in Conyers Ga. by far the best deal
I could find. When the bricks are delivered we'll see how happy I am, and
begin construction. The first thing I did was build a roof to cover the kiln
and drying wood. Cost about $4000. Then I began collecting wood and splitting
it. I collected my hard bricks from a cane mill boiler. Hard brick should be
found used in good shape for next to nothing. Then I had to wait to save
enough for IFB's mortar etc.. Finally their on the way here. This has taken
me all most two years to get this far.
I want to caution you that none of the kiln plans for the small kilns are in
scale, not Troys, and not the Studio Potters Potters plans are in scale, all
a little smaller than they should be. Shrunk to fit on the page!!! Pegs phone
number is 828 688 4572 and the address is current. Even her plans are not
scale. When you build your footing dot hesitate to make it bigger than you
think it needs to be, an extra foot ale around is a good idea. My kiln will
be built with a second arch of K 23's instead of the fiber insulation. Stay
in touch, I plan to document with photos and expect to learn a few things
along the way.
Bill on the Big Island
can't wait to burn wood!