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portland bound

updated sat 15 may 99


Sara O'Neill on fri 14 may 99

Hi all,

Will be in Portland, Oregon (and surrounding area) for several days in July.
Any must sees? Will have time to check out gallerys & museums. Any
recommendations welcomed.

Sara O'Neill

Katie Cordrey on mon 17 may 99


You might take one day up the Columbia River Gorge. The Maryhill Museum is
on the Washington side just west of Biggs Junction. It's a fabulous old
mansion turned museum built by Sam Hill. Sam was a highway engineer turned
arts patron about the time of the Russian Revolution. There are some
wonderful Russian artifacts, a nice collection of Rodin and lots of baskets,
beadwork and so forth from the River People (Native Americans.)

The website is There's a calendar of events
where you can see what will be happening in July. Also check out for some more general info..

There are artists hidden everywhere in The Gorge. Hood River has a Saturday
Market where several local potters show and sell, as does Portland. Though
Portland's is quite large in comparison.

Well, that's my plug for my part of the world!

Enjoy your trip!


Jim Bozeman on mon 17 may 99

There are numerous galleries in what is known as the Pearl District, in NW
Portland, roughly around 13th and Glisan. Also, Contemporary Crafts on
Corbett has many ceramic artist's work on display. Ronna's work is most
beautiful; I can't recall the gallery that carries her work but it is
definitly in the Pearl District. Finally, there is a lot of ceramic work at
Twist (I think that's the name) located at NW 23rd and Burnside. Don't
forget the Portland Art Museum! Jim ex-Portlander who couldn't take all the

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